Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Inevitable Introduction

Word geek and future librarian, I'm currently a college student in Washington, DC...and consequently witness to a lot of cool stuff.

I love really bad movies, songs that make me laugh, bollywood, dark red, cobalt blue, thunderstorms, tigers, books, and House....also, ellipses and commas. Seriously, I will put a comma in every sentence if possible. Despite many hours devoted to the subject, I still can’t correctly punctuate with commas. Or semi-colons for that matter.

I hail from the arctic tundras of New York, and have ridiculous state pride. A big fan of apples and lilacs, I can’t imagine not calling New York home. (Yeah, double negatives!) While DC is growing on me—the metro is fantastic and CLEAN--I couldn’t live here permanently.
I startle easily, for which I blame my friend Matt, who sneaks up on me at every available opportunity. Unfortunately it has leaked into the rest of my life as well. One memorable time I was watching a movie with my sister. We forked over our eight-fifty to see “Happy Feet.” I was certain the movie couldn’t be bad…”it’s got penguins! They DANCE!” Anyway, there’s one part where a sea lion comes out of nowhere and WHA-BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! scares the hell out of a pair of love-sick penguins. It scared the hell out of me too: I jumped and launched my bucket-o-popcorn-and-heart-disease into the air. It rained popcorn for a good minute, while sister and I slid down our buttery seats and tried to melt into the gummi-worm coated floor.

A friend was kind (and deluded) enough to call me, “quirky…and hilarious. You care too much about people.” Another simply said, “E, if you were a fish, you’d be a clownfish with a gimpy fin.” I dunno about either of those assertions, but I guess you’ll find out.

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